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Distilling: The Meaning Behind our Batch Numbers


Batch numbers are marked on many of our releases, but what’s the significance behind these numbers?

What is a batch? A selection of casks married together to make a Filey Bay Release.

Why do we do batches? Every cask in our warehouse and the whisky that sleeps within it is comparable to a living breathing thing. A selection of casks may look the same, be the same age and the same type of oak, the whisky from each cask will be a little different. One cask may be sweeter, one may have more colour. To truly understand, you must sample each cask. Even with a consistent cask type and production methods, each batch of whisky can vary slightly. 

How do we do batches? Similar to our approach with all our releases (excluding our single casks), each batch is handpicked with the perfect combination of casks to marry. 

Batch sizes? The size of thebatch is dictated by the number of casks used. Typically around 16-18 casks make a batch of one of our Finished releases which is enough whisky for around 5000 – 6000 bottles. However, flavour always comes first, so sometimes batches will be smaller depending on how the casks are nosing. For most of our Special Releases, like Yorkshire Day 2023, we typically a marry 4-6 casks and provide the information on the number of bottles available. 

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