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About us

An Instinctive Approach

Filey Bay is the first single malt whisky made in, and of, Yorkshire. Why 'of Yorkshire'? Because it's created by us from field to bottle, here on the coast.

respecting tradition

Our Own Way

For us it’s about doing things properly. That’s why we're obsessed with every step of the distilling process, from field to bottle, using 100% homegrown barley.


Field to Bottle

We're in control of every stage of the growing and distilling process, from choosing the variety of barley and how it is grown, right through to bottling ourselves at the distillery.

sustainable legacy

Farming Regeneratively

Our way of farming – using cover crops and direct drilling – is crucial to the future of Filey Bay Whisky. By protecting the structure of the soil and keeping carbon beneath the ground (rather than releasing it when ploughing), we're ensuring that our land and our barley are the best they can be. No-one else farms for whisky like this.

Two Friends

And a great idea

One day some time in 2011, best friends Tom and Dave were chatting over a pint: "we've got barley on the farm, we've got our own water, and we already make great beer." Whisky was the next logical step. After a lot of due diligence, planning, preparation, and with the guidance of the late, great Dr. Jim Swan, they ran the stills and filled the first casks in early summer 2016.



We’ve invested in two of the largest Forsyth pot stills operating in the UK outside of Scotland. We've also added a four-plate copper column into our process that works in tandem with our spirit still which adds to the variance of the Spirit of Yorkshire distillery.



You might be wondering what on earth a gannet has to do with making our whisky. Along with these fearless, precise, graceful and purposeful birds, we’ve prospered here for many years. We think they're a great symbol of our area and an appropriate icon for our distillery.

Our Awards

Our Awards

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