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Distilling: The Global Spirits Masters Results


We’re kicking off August with some incredible results from the Global Spirits Masters competition.

Since 2008, this competition has been rating and rewarding quality in the spirits industry providing worldwide brands with medals to give them a certain level of shine in such a crowded market. In partnership with The Spirits Business, the results reach more than 50,000 international spirits professionals.

The medals that can be awarded are Silver and Gold and the ‘truly outstanding spirits’ can be awarded a Masters medal.

We’re incredibly delighted to say that each of the eight Filey Bay whiskies we entered into the World Whisky Masters section of the Global Spirits Masters Competition was awarded a medal.

Here’s a list of what we entered and their accolade:

Filey Bay Peated Finish Batch #2 – Masters Medal
Primarily matured in first fill bourbon casks laid down in the winter of 2018, before a secondary maturation in peated casks, this single malt brings the west coast of Scotland here to the east coast of Yorkshire. Tasting notes: Light, fresh and coastal with flavours of caramel, peat smoke and citrus.

Filey Bay Double Oak #1, Special Release – Masters Medal
Filey Bay Double Oak #1 is our first release of its kind. Created by maturing our field to bottle single malt whisky in both ex-bourbon and virgin oak casks. Taking our ex-bourbon signature flavours a step further as the virgin oak brings fruity and spicy notes on top of the vanilla and toffee flavours. Tasting notes: Fruity and spicy with flavours of cream soda, banana bread, pineapple sweets and toasted oak.
Sold out at the distillery, may be still available at selected retailers: http://bit.ly/SOYStockists

Filey Bay Flagship – Gold Medal
Filey Bay Flagship is the true taste of our distillery character. Light, fruity and creamy, it is made with 100% homegrown barley and is the culmination of our bourbon matured style following on from our First and Second releases launched in 2019. Tasting notes: Light creamy and fruity with flavours of citrus, caramel, honey and vanilla.

Filey Bay Moscatel Finish Batch 2 – Gold Medal
In true evolutionary fashion, the extra time Moscatel Finish Batch #2 has spent in cask has encouraged a more rounded and mellow dram whilst retaining our soft and sweet signature style. Comparing the two batches side by side you will notice more fruit and sweet spices as well as more complexity and a richer mouthfeel in batch 2. Tasting notes: Soft, sweet and fruity with flavours of orange, honey, dried fruits and cocoa.

Filey Bay IPA Finish Batch 1 – Gold Medal
Bringing together the award-winning beer, Scarborough Fair IPA and Yorkshire single malt whisky, Filey Bay IPA Finish. Highlighting our field to bottle process, we believe that this could be England’s and perhaps even the world’s first field-to-bottle IPA cask matured whisky. Tasting notes: Light, fruity and biscuity with notes of green apple, pear drops, lemon cake and hops.
Sold out at the distillery, may be still available at selected retailers: http://bit.ly/SOYStockists

Filey Bay Sherry Cask Reserve #2 – Gold Medal
Filey Bay Sherry Cask Reserve #2 is our second full-term sherry ‘Special Release’ made by a precise selection of Pedro Ximenez casks filled back in late 2017. This release is a full-bodied and fruity whisky. With only 2000 bottles released, this whisky is incredibly rare and unrepeatable. Tasting notes: Rich and fruity with flavours of baked apples, cinder toffee, chocolate orange and fruit cake.

Filey Bay Single Cask Oloroso #147 – Gold Medal
One of only 282 bottles from an Oloroso sherry hogshead, cask #147, specially selected from our warehouse, bottled at cask strength. Tasting notes: Rich and spicy with flavours of boiled sweets, cocoa, dried fruit and toasted oak.

Filey Bay STR Finish Batch 2 – Silver Medal
Filey Bay STR Finish Batch #2 really brings forward the character from the unique STR casks. As the months and years have ticked by, oak and time have deepened the key flavours of this release revealing a complex whisky with red fruit characteristics making for a full and rich whisky. Tasting notes: Light, floral and fruity with flavours of red fruits, vanilla ice cream and toasted oak.

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