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Distilling: Filey Bay IPA Finish


We love whisky and beer, which should come as no surprise to anyone reading this.

We always get excited about a new release, but this one, in particular, is something really very special and completely unique. A release that takes our field to bottle whisky another step forward and flavours wise takes our whisky in a really exciting and different direction. Following the release of Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky in 2019, there hasn’t been a bottling as highly anticipated by the distillery team as this release.

“Single malt whisky matured in IPA casks is a very rare thing; they’re not often seen with only a handful available from a very small number of distilleries. Our Scarborough Fair IPA casks bring a unique flavour to the whisky that is completely different to any other cask type we fill. Elevating notes of citrus and green fruit characteristics like freshly diced apple, pear and grapefruit, adding even greater depth and complexity to our light and fruity house style.”

As Yorkshire’s first malt whisky distillery, we have been able to claim many ‘firsts’ over the years. Starting with the first purpose-built whisky stills being commissioned and installed, to the very first casks being laid down, to the very first Yorkshire whisky being bottled. A lot of these ‘firsts’ come simply as being the first whisky in the county, but it’s much more than just our location that makes for exciting first and more than being first that makes our whisky unique…

“We believe that this could be England’s and perhaps even the world’s first field-to-bottle IPA cask matured whisky. “

First, we plant the barley and patiently wait for it to grow up on the farm at Wold Top Brewery. After harvesting, it goes to be malted at the nearby malsters before returning to the farm to be made into both beer and whisky. The distillate for whisky goes into an ex-Bourbon cask where it matures for at least three years. The wash for the beer becomes… beer!

Once the whisky reaches the right age, we empty the casks to make Filey Bay Flagship and immediately fill them with Scarborough Fair IPA. This award-winning hoppy IPA takes in the beautiful flavours and notes of the whiskies from the casks, over a number of months. Once ready, we empty the casks again, and the barrel-aged beer is bottled as ‘Barrel Wave’. We immediately refill the casks once again with more ex-Bourbon matured whisky, which is infused with the delicious hoppy notes of the IPA. Finally, we empty the casks once more and Filey Bay IPA Finish is ready.

IPA Finish has received an overwhelming response, winning many of our customers’ hearts and minds. We’re incredibly proud of this release and what it stands for.

Keen to experience every step of the IPA Finish process? Treat yourself to a bottle of Scarborough Fair IPA, Barrel Wave barrel-aged beer, a Spirit of Yorkshire nosing glass and a bottle of Filey Bay IPA Finish, as part of our Filey Bay IPA Finish Collection. Taking this collection an extra step further, you can also add a joint tour voucher to visit the brewery and distillery together!

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