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Distilling: Booths 175th Anniversary Filey Bay Single Cask #175


Booths have been selecting and stocking Filey Bay ever since the First Release in 2019. With their focus on quality and supporting northern producers, we’re always proud to see our bottles on their shelves whenever we head a bit further west. 

175th Anniversary
2022 marks 175th Anniversary since the original Edwin Booth opened his first store and we were honoured to be asked to select a cask for a whisky to mark this special occasion.

Finding the perfect cask
Cask selection for all Filey Bay whiskies and single cask releases is an extremely careful, considered and conscientious process. Whisky Director, Joe spends hours in the warehouse consulting records, nosing and tasting cask samples. There are many factors to be considered (age, cask type, distillate used, and the weather are just a few!) and often there are many surprises in store with each cask developing subtle flavours unique to that cask.

The clue was in the name
Cask #175 was one of only three Pedro Ximenez (‘PX’) Spanish sherry butts filled in the distillery’s first year of production and by happy coincidence, the 175th cask filled at the distillery. With the fruity character of the PX sherry complementing the light and creamy style of Spirit of Yorkshire’s spirit style, this whisky is full of honeycomb, chocolate, dried fruit and toffee flavours.

Exclusive to Booths stores
One of the oldest Filey Bay releases to date, Cask #175 represents our PX matured whisky in its absolutely purest form and there are only 521 bottles available. These bottles are only available from Booths stores, whilst stocks last, not from the distillery or via Booths online. For questions about stock levels and sales specifics, please contact your preferred Booths store directly. Sales will be limited to two bottles per person.

Filey Bay Booths 175th Anniversary Edition
PX Sherry Cask #175
Sunday 12th June 2022
70cl, 62.5% vol
Rich and fruity with flavours of honeycomb, chocolate, toffee and dried fruits.

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