Living: Meet the Team – India

India has been part of the team since the very beginning. Her main role within the distillery is the office manager however you could also catch her in the distillery helping with production, or even in the cafe on a busy day!

Q: What’s your favourite part of your role at the distillery?
A: My role is incredibly varied but the part I enjoy the most is working with the numbers.

Q: Name your top 3 favourite Spirit of Yorkshire releases?
A: Maturing Malt 001, Filey Bay Moscatel Finish, Sherry Cask Reserve #1

Q: Your favourite whisky, excluding Filey Bay?
A: Nikka Coffey Malt

Q: If you could enjoy a dram with someone famous, who would it be and why?
A: This is a really tough question and I could spend hours thinking about this, but it would be pretty cool to enjoy a dram with Dynamo (the magician) and maybe learn a trick or two!

Q: Pick your favourite meal or piece of music to go with your favourite dram
A: Would have to be a cheese board!

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