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Living: 2021 Whisky Festivals, Joe’s Version


Having over 18 months off from shows and events since we launched our whisky in late 2019, was very strange, to say the least.

Being back out really has been great, on every level, not just for the brand we have built, but the customers we have finally had a chance to meet and our team too.

One of the best parts of being back out there in whisky shows has been seeing our fans in the flesh. Despite being replicated ‘virtually’ throughout 2020, hearing the comments and watching the reactions when tasting exciting releases has been brilliant.

You always know when a whisky has captured the day at a whisky show when you get a sudden rush of people all looking to try the same release within the space of an hour or so. Like a wave of excitement as a whisky has suddenly caught the attention of the crowd. Across the three whisky festivals, Liverpool, Manchester and York, it was interesting to see the ripple effect that our whisky made through the different sessions.

For Liverpool, it was caused by Filey Bay STR Finish, we poured more of this than any other whisky that day. For Manchester, Filey Bay IPA Finish really seemed to kick up a fuss so much so that by the end of the first session on Saturday it had sold out. For York, it’s slightly different as we have a lot of existing customers come and see us, they tend to really enjoy everything!

The reaction to our IPA Finish in Manchester really stood out. This type of whisky, with this kind of traceability is incredibly rare which made pouring it just after its launch at the festival really memorable. This whisky has been in development for years, anticipated since the decision was made to set up a distillery on the back of already being farmers and brewers. Its uniqueness definitely won many hearts and minds.

Lastly, working with our new brand ambassadors Amy and Libby at these shows and seeing them do what they do best has been absolutely brilliant. Hopefully, as 2022 unfolds we will be out and about at even more shows pouring even more of our whisky.

Written by Joe Clark, Whisky Director.

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