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With the ‘finish’ process, we’re looking to add layers of flavour and complexity on top of our light, sweet and fruity ex-bourbon house style.

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Showcasing the process of secondary maturation within our 'Finish' range with the use of different casks, from sherry to ex-red wine casks. Explore the cask types that create our award-winning range.


Ex-Moscatel Casks

Whilst sherries like Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso are well known in single malt whisky maturation, Moscatel is much more rare. Known for their floral aromas (orange blossom, jasmine and honeysuckle) as well as citric notes, the grapes thrive in sandy soil. Moscatel vineyards are close to the beaches in the sherry region of Spain – making it a perfect match for our Filey Bay whisky.


Ex-STR Casks

STR casks are ex-Red Wine barriques that have been shaved, toasted and recharred to soften the red wine tannins in the wood and stop it overpowering the whisky. This process takes the citrus and caramel flavours from the bourbon casks and weaves them with the red fruits of the Rioja barriques, creating complex whiskies with spice and depth that are also light and floral.


Ex-Peated Casks

For our Peated Finishes, we've brought the west coast of Scotland to the east coast of England to 'finish' our whisky in ex-peated casks from Islay. During maturation, 0ur light and fruity style weaves into the creamy, subtly smoked wood of the casks, creating delicious coastal whiskies that hold flavours of vanilla and caramel.


Ex-Port Casks

One of our most eagerly awaited cask types, we use ex-Ruby Port casks here at the distillery in Hunmanby. Why? Bright and light, Ruby Port uses more fresh fruit than the heavier richer better-known Tawny, creating a fruity and jammy flavour profile that really complements our light and creamy style of whisky.

keeping it in

The Family

We have a very close relationship with Wold Top Brewery, our sister company. Together we've been collaborating to create a range of barrel-aged beers and Ex-beer cask finished whiskies. The first of these, Filey Bay IPA Finish, a batch of 6000 bottles, sold out within weeks and the green apple notes and slightly hoppy flavour profile made for a delicious and distinctive single malt.


Ex-IPA Casks

Ex-Flagship casks were immediately refilled with Wold Top's Scarborough Fair IPA. After 6-9 months, the beer was disgorged to become Barrel Wave Barrel-Aged Beer, and the casks were immediately refilled with ex-Bourbon matured Filey Bay Single Malt Whisky.


    The Name

    Our local area is hugely important to us and so naturally it’s where we’ve found the name for our Single Malt: Filey Bay. We see the sea and the curve of the bay from the distillery window. We had lists of names but we just kept coming back to this.



    Our bespoke bottle brings together the textures of the farm, the soil, the beach and the sky. Pick it up, look closely underneath and you'll see a secret phrase... "Proudly Made of Yorkshire." Because it is.

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