Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Meet the Team - India 04/05/2021

Living: Meet the Team – India

India has been part of the team since the very beginning. Her main role within the distillery is the office manager however you could also catch her in the distillery helping with production, or even in the cafe on a busy day! Q: What’s your favourite part of your role at the distillery? A: My role is incredibly varied but the part I enjoy the most is working with the numbers. Q: Name your top 3 favourite Spirit of Yorkshire releases? A: Maturing Malt 001, Filey Bay Moscatel Finish, Sherry... Read More

Meet the Team - Jenni 27/04/2021

Living: Meet the Team – Jenni

Jenni is part of our office team here as the Marketing Director. Maintaining within the action, you may recognise Jenni from our tasting events. Q: What’s your favourite part of your role at the distillery? A: Seeing and discussing all the design and packaging creative work as it goes from an idea to a final finished bottle (or tasting set) on the shelf or behind a bar Q: Name your top 3 favourite Spirit of Yorkshire releases? A: Filey Bay First Release, Distillery Projects 005 and the Cream Liqueur Q:... Read More

Meet the Team - Joe 20/04/2021

Living: Meet the Team – Joe

Meet Joe, our Whisky Director. Joe’s the guy that picks which of our casks make up each bottle of Filey Bay single malt whisky. You can find Joe in the office, the distillery and at our events but mainly, he’s up in the warehouse, right at the heart of our whisky! Q: What’s your favourite part of your role at the distillery?A: Not easy to answer, think I can narrow this down to two things. 1) Cask selection and making sure that our whisky and all our releases taste as... Read More

Meet the Team - Tom 13/04/2021

Living: Meet the Team – Tom

Meet Co-founder and Director, Tom. Tom is a third-generation farmer up at our farm Hunmanby Grange, where you’ll find our sister company, Wold Top Brewery. Q: What’s your favourite part of your role at the distillery? A: Growing and supplying the major raw material Barley with a bit of problem-solving along the way Q: Name your top 3 favourite Spirit of Yorkshire releases? A: Maturing Malt 003, Flagship and STR finish Q: Your favourite whisky, excluding Filey Bay? A: Auchentoshan Heartwood Q: If you could enjoy a dram with someone... Read More

Meet the Team - David 06/04/2021

Living: Meet the Team – David

Meet David, Co-Founder and Managing Director. Q: What’s your favourite part of your role at the distillery? A: Walking into the distillery every morning and seeing the team’s enthusiasm and dedication for everything we do. We could not do it without you. Q: Name your top 3 favourite Spirit of Yorkshire releases? A: Probably whisky not in bottles yet. Our maturing stock is surprising us every day, so the best is yet to come. I’m particularly excited about the single cask bottlings at cask strength. Love our Flagship too Q:... Read More


Growing: Yorkshire Rye Whisky

For the first time ever, this year a rye new make spirit flowed from our still destined to be the county’s first rye whisky. But what is rye whisky? And when you’re already making amazing single malt whisky, why even bother to use a different grain? The answer is simply for flavour. Rye whisky (when made well, with care and attention) can be superb to drink, rich, spicy and very different to the light and fruity style of malt whisky we make. Rye is a very historic grain and was... Read More


Living: ‘Distillery Diaries’ – Spirit of Yorkshire Blue

In times like these, looking back and appreciating memories is something to pass the time. Here’s a little story of ours about our distinctive Spirit of Yorkshire blue from our Managing Director, David Thompson. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to share the distillery with the public. Therefore, a lot of time and effort went into ensuring the distillery and the Pot Still Coffee Shop were ready for the occasion. Because copper is such a beautiful colour we really wanted to show off our Forsyth pot stills; we wanted... Read More

Filey Bay Sherry Cask Reserve #1 on the beach! 31/12/2020

Living: our creative partners

The end of the year, especially a year like this one, is the perfect time to say thank you. It’s not easy looking as good as we do (!) and there are many people who help make it happen. Design and detail. We love how our bottles and other elements look and that is down to our brilliant team The Collaborators. From Filey Bay, to our new Cream Liqueur, they really ‘get’ our ethos and spirit. Away from the bottle, Grace at Abell Design has created us a stunning new... Read More

Two drams of Filey Bay Flagship Single Malt Whisky, by the stills 27/12/2020

Living: 2020 in numbers for the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery & Filey Bay Whisky

It’s been an odd year, to say the least, with the Pot Still Coffee Shop closed and Tours paused for nearly 6 months on and off. Despite everything though, we’ve continued to be overwhelmed by the community around the distillery, from our cask owners to our customers to our suppliers, big and small. So thank you very much for all your clicks, comments, purchases, visits, coffees and cakes. We’ve loved seeing you all at the distillery when it’s been possible, or on our screens when it hasn’t!  In 2020 we... Read More

Le Chameau boots with a bottle of Filey Bay Moscatel Finish Single Malt Whisky 01/09/2020

Living: Partnering with Le Chameau

Any countryside dweller will tell you that not all wellies are made equal. There’s nothing worse than confidently striding through a puddle on a lane, or walking through the shallows on the beach, and feeling that awful sensation of a wet sock. Or strolling round a muddy farm show and finding that your boots are rubbing and your feet hurt for a week afterwards… It’s even more important on the farm or in the still house. You want boots that are comfy, breathable and that don’t ruin your soles (and... Read More