Living: Yorkshire Coast Dolphins

We’re spoilt with wildlife in this part of the world – buzzards, owls, hares, deer, puffins, gannets and seals. But dolphins are a bit more unusual.

A couple of the team were out for a sail one evening this week up near Sandsend when they were joined by this playful pod.

And actually, dolphins are becoming a more regular occurrence along this coastline. According to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, they particularly like Flamborough Head (which marks the southern point of Filey Bay) because cold water from the north meets warmer water from the south and this is ideal for their food.

In fact, we can even draw a parallel with our whisky! It is thought that the Yorkshire Coast dolphins have come down from the Moray First. Another exciting Scottish ‘export’ thriving here in YO…

Find out more via The Yorkshire Post here:

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