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Living: 1944 cask for Yorkshire Regiment officers


75 years ago today (6th June 1944) marks what was, many would say, the major turning point of World War Two. Allied forces landed on 5 beaches across the northern coast of France, and the course of the war changed significantly.

Two regiments from Yorkshire were crucial to the assault on ‘Gold’ beach – the Green Howards, and the East Yorkshire regiment. In fact, the only Victoria Cross awarded to the D Day campaign went to Company Sergeant Major Stanley Hollis, from 6th Battalion Green Howards. Given that Winston Churchill described the assault as “the most complicated and difficult” operation ever conducted, that’s an incredible achievement.

Why are we interested in this..? Well, we’re really pleased to say that a number of serving officers in what is now known as the Yorkshire Regiment (which was formed on 6th June 2006, incorporating the Green Howards and the East Yorkshire Regiments) have grouped together to buy cask number 1944 and we’re filling it today.

The officers, ranging in rank from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel, currently serve in the UK, France, US and Holland. They share a common bond of the Yorkshire Regiment, their connection and service to the county and, of course, an appreciation of whisky. So as they say, owning a cask of Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky was a ‘no brainer!’

We say… cheers!

If you’re also interested in cask ownership, please contact Joe ([email protected]) or call 01723 891758

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