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Growing: Whisky Is Agriculture


Yesterday, we woke up to hear Farming Today talking about minimum and no-till farming.

Jenni, Tom and Kate then headed off to a local AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) meeting all about Regenerative Agriculture. It’s a popular topic at the moment and it’s one that we’re leading the way on.

This year, we’re planting all our barley using our direct drill and not cultivating the fields, as well as a large proportion of our wheat too.In a nutshell, this means that we don’t disturb the ground at all when we plant our barley and wheat. This method of farming has a huge number of environmental benefits, from keeping carbon inside the earth to reducing our tractor-miles to strengthening soil structures. It also means our earthworm population is flourishing too!

Why is this relevant to whisky? 

Farming and whisky are fully intertwined. Being field to bottle is hugely important to us and means that the farm and our barley is as much a part of making Filey Bay whisky as the stills. It also is another way in which we’re working to keep the food miles of our whisky production as low as possible, with the ambition of a So we’re very pleased to be part of Bruichladdich’s panel this evening – ‘Whisky is Agriculture.’

Co-Founder David will be joining a great panel of soil experts, farmers and distillers over on Bruichladdich’s Facebook Page today, Wednesday 10th November, at 7.30pm, talking about sustainable farming, our no-till approach to growing our barley and why protecting the soil is so important.

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