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Growing: Collaborations


As an area, Yorkshire definitely ‘over indexes’ on incredible food producers, doing really interesting and exciting things. Some of these are world famous and household names but some are much smaller, founder-run businesses who excel in one area. It’s this mix that we think makes the food and drink of the county so special.

Over the past few years, we’ve been partnering and collaborating with some of, we think, the best producers in the area, developing new products that fuse our spirit with their foods – ‘growing’ but from a different point of view. We’re proud of these collaborations, big and small, and they’ll all be available to try at our Open Day on 10th August. Each partnership came about in a very different way, and there’s no formula to how we work together, so each collaborative product is really special and unique. 

To join us at our open day and to take part in any of the partner masterclasses, please click here.

Bullion Chocolate 

Bullion Chocolate, from Sheffield, have a really similar approach to making chocolate as we have to making whisky. They do everything from bean to bar themselves except the actual growing, but they source all their beans directly from the farmers to create single-origin chocolate that has a great story and is meticulously made. We’ve worked with Bullion for the last two years and Max has visited the distillery a few times, joining with Joe for great nights of chocolate and whisky pairing (what’s not to love?!). The two products pair brilliantly together and we’re also working on a secret project with some beans and some spirit at the moment… watch this space. 

Taylors of Harrogate 

Of course you know who Taylors of Harrogate are – a household name around the UK for their coffees and ‘Yorkshire Tea,’ but they also have their exciting and innovative ‘Discovery’ range. We’ve been working with them to develop a barrel-aged coffee, where beans are ‘matured’ in our casks, creating a flavour profile to the coffee that is really different from anything else available on the market. 

Staal Smokehouse 

Founded in 2007 by Justin and Georgina Staal, Staal Smokehouse is the combines experience in farming and fishing with a passion for great-tasting food. Using traditional curing techniques (honed and perfected over by craftsmen over hundreds of years) Staal produce some of the region’s very best smoked meats and fish from their smokehouse near Beverley. Earlier this year we teamed up with them to create the county’s first whisky-barrel smoked salmon, using oak from our casks, made especially for our Open Day.

Lawns Farmshop

Whilst Lawns Farm is predominantly dairy, they also have poultry, pigs and beef cattle, as well as their own acclaimed farm shop. Since early 2018, the team at Lawns have been using our maturing malt as part of their curing process, creating a really delicious range of Yorkshire spirit cured meats. What could be more exciting than our very own Spirit of Yorkshire salami? Not much! And the samples they sent disappeared in seconds… 

To find out more about these collaborations, and to take part in their masterclasses, come to our Open Day on Saturday 10th August (click here for tickets). 

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