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Enjoying: Blind Tasting World Whisky


As discussed by David in The Spirits Business at the end of last year, we consider the category of ‘World Whisky’ to be more important than specific country names.

In celebration of this, last week we hosted a World Whisky Tasting at the Distillery, with a selection of drams from around the world, curated by our Whisky Director, Joe. The Distillery was packed and guests were given six whiskies to blind taste and discuss. But there was a twist… one of the six was a Spirit of Yorkshire Oloroso Cask, which isn’t technically a whisky yet. All guests were asked which their favourite was with an extra question of which dram they thought came from Spirit of Yorkshire.

The results were fascinating…

Amrut Peated Single Malt (68.2%, India) won favourite dram of the night with 32% of the votes but our very own Spirit of Yorkshire Oloroso Cask came a pleasing second place, with 25% of the votes, beating drams from Nikka, Kavalan and Michters.

When asked which dram they thought came from Spirit of Yorkshire, 30% of the 40+ guests got it right but interestingly, 25% thought the Nikka Whisky Single Malt Yoichi (45%, Japan) was actually made here in Hunmanby. All of which bodes exceptionally well for our own Single Malt, which will be reaching maturity this year.

We’re already incredibly excited to launch our own whisky (and Yorkshire’s first) – even more so after these results!

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