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Distilling: Yorkshire’s First Single Cask Single Malt Whisky Releases.


Distilled and filled in 2017, these two sherry hogshead casks have been maturing in our warehouse ever since and are tasting fantastic! With a yield of only 296 bottles from one cask and 291 from the other, they are our first ever single cask single malt whisky bottlings and very rare and special.

“From the day these casks were filled, we always knew they would be special. We’ve kept a very close eye on them over the years waiting patiently for the spirit to come of age, knowing after annual sampling they could be contenders for our first single cask releases. After an extensive tasting session with our distillery founders through some of our finest and rarest casks, the decision was unanimous. Cask 669 and 680 would be going to bottle. Although very different to each other, during the selection process both of these casks displayed exceptional character as well as great balance and depth of flavour. They represent some of the rarest whisky we have ever made and showcase our spirit in its absolutely purest form”
– Joe Clark, Whisky Director

What makes Single Casks so special?
Undoubtedly the rarest releases from any distillery are their single casks. Single cask whisky by its very nature is incredibly limited and special because it only comes from one cask. Each cask can only hold a maximum number of bottles, unlike other releases where a marriage of casks is combined to create a larger batch.

The Release
For this release, after many meetings and long discussions to work out how to make the purchasing process as fair as possible, we concluded that a ballot is the best solution. We know from previous releases and the nature of single casks, that demand would outstrip supply. It enabled us to ensure that the bottles were made available to everyone that has supported us and helps us to prevent multiple purchases by the same people.

The Success of the Ballot
Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone. Whichever way we released the single casks, someone would have been upset.

Overall, the ballot was a great success. Here are a few comments from customers:

“I’d take this opportunity to offer my support for the approach you have decided to take regarding the release of these single cask expressions. It is the right decision and goes a long way to maintaining integrity.”

“I would just like to say a big thank you to the distillery team. Both bottles are all paid for and processed straight away: your system worked seamlessly and was very efficient.”

“Just to say thank you for running the ballot. I realise a lot of effort will have gone into organising, and whilst I am disappointed not to have been selected, it was the fairest way to do it.”

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