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Distilling: our thoughts on English Whisky regulations


In the print edition of Spirits Business from November 2018 and online now, our director David (along with Dan from the Cotswold Distillery, Andy from the East London Liquor Company, and Paul from The Lakes Distillery) was asked for his thoughts on the English whisky market and what the impact of imposing regulations for English whisky could be.

His take on things? Regulation is necessary to ensure quality but there’s a balance; rules shouldn’t impact on innovation. And everyone agreed that it’s not just about English whisky as a category on its own, but as part of the wider world whisky category.

To read the full article, click here.

And to further demonstrate our love for world whisky, Joe is curating a World Whisky Tasting evening on the 15th February. There will be a blind tasting of six drams from around the world (including some of our Maturing Malt of course!) to test palates and discuss the different flavour profiles. For tickets, click here.

Spirit of Yorkshire, nosing glass

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