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Distilling: Filey Bay Whisky Flavour Breakdown


As the world of whisky continues to grow, the task of gifting the perfect bottle becomes particularly tricky, especially if don’t drink the spirit yourself (yet!)

To make things a little bit easier, here’s a quick and handy guide to our range based on flavour profiles.

Flagship: Light and fruity.
Our bourbon-led Filey Bay Flagship will be an instant hit with every type of whisky drinker. Full of flavour and depth but never overpowering, it’s the true taste of our distillery.

Moscatel Finish: Soft and warming.
Light and soft with layers of fruit and spices, our Filey Bay Moscatel Finish is hugely popular and always goes down exceptionally well on our tasting sessions.

STR Finish: Light and floral.
Matured in bourbon then finished in red wine barriques from Rioja, Filey Bay STR Finish weaves citrus and caramel with summer berries, creating a sweet and soft oakiness that’s absolutely delicious.

IPA Finish: Fruity and biscuity.
Barley to beer to whisky. All by us. Bourbon-led whisky matured in casks that previously held barrel-aging Scarborough Fair IPA from our sister brewery. Unusual, distinctive and absolutely delicious, Filey Bay IPA Finish has notes of green apple, pear drops, lemon cake and hops.

Sherry Cask Reserve #2: Fruity and rich.
Perfect for the colder weather and the upcoming festive season, Filey Bay Sherry Cask Reserve #2 is a full-bodied and fruity whisky with flavours of baked apples, cinder toffee, chocolate orange and fruit cake made up with full-term Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

Yorkshire Day 2021, Distillery Exclusive: Rich and spicy.
This Special Release was created by marrying some of our oldest and rarest whisky. The Oloroso casks bring flavours of dried fruit and sweet spices to our light and fruity bourbon-matured house style, making Filey Bay Yorkshire Day 2021 very special indeed.

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