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Distilling: Filey Bay Special Release – Sherry Cask Reserve #2


Falling leaves and cold, dark evenings call for a rich and spicy single malt whisky, and we have something very special for you this autumn.

Back in 2017, we laid down a number of first-fill Pedro Ximenez (PX) sherry hogshead casks (sourced directly from Spain) and they’ve been quietly maturing in our warehouse here on the Yorkshire Coast ever since. After inspection by Whisky Director, Joe Clark, the full-term spirit inside was tasting perfect for an autumn release so we chose a select few to create our latest Special Release, Sherry Cask Reserve #2.

Whilst still full of fruity flavours, this release steps away from our lighter bourbon house style, Filey Bay Flagship. From its life in the PX cask, this whisky holds much richer and spicier flavours showing a very different side to our single malt.

“Made from 100% pot-distilled spirit, this whisky has spent years beautifully extracting the nutty aromas and autumnal notes that make these sherry casks so special.”

Joe Clark, Whisky Director, October 2021

Among our rarest whisky, as an unrepeatable release, there are only 2000 bottles and going fast…

Tasting notes: Rich and fruity with flavours of baked apples, cinder toffee, chocolate orange and fruit cake.Here’s a link for more information: Filey Bay Sherry Cask Reserve #2

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