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Distilling: Ebb and Flow Barrel Aged Beer 2020


Barrel aged beers are a thing of beauty and last year we collaborated with our sister company, The Wold Top Brewery, to release ‘Swell.’ 

Alex and the team at Wold Top brewed a special recipe, designed to complement the flavours of the casks used for our Maturing Malt Distillery Projects 003 (which was awarded 95/100 by Jim Murray in this year’s whisky bible). The result was the deliciously dark and rich ‘Swell,’ the first in our Ebb and Flow barrel aged series, which came in at 12% and was full of flavour and character. There aren’t many barrel aged beers here in Britain and we think it’s time that changed..!

Swell, the first barrel-aged collaboration between the Spirit of Yorkshire distillery and the Wold Top Brewery
Swell, our barrel aged beer for 2019, part of our on-going Ebb and Flow series

Now we’re onto Ebb and Flow 2020, and we were filling casks, which had previously held our Filey Bay Single Malt Whisky, last week! We won’t say any more about the casks or the beer just yet but we’re waiting patiently (sort of) and can’t wait to try it in a few months time…

Brewer Andrew fills ex-whisky casks with beer at the Wold Top Brewery for our next barrel-aged collaboration
Brewer Andrew fills the ex-whisky casks with the specially brewed beer.
Ex-whisky casks being filled for our next barrel-aged beer!
Close up of an ex-whisky cask being filled with a special beer for our next barrel-aged collaboration

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