Distilling: Distillery Projects 004

The fourth Maturing Malt in our “Distillery Projects” range is now available for general presale (collection will be around the end of November).

Our Distillery Projects range is all about exploring what our spirit can be. For the moment, as we wait (a little impatiently!) for our Single Malt to mature in casks for the required amount of time for both regulations and optimum taste, the DP releases have all been Maturing Malts. However, in the future, this won’t be the case…

What is Distillery Projects 004 and why is it so special?

The fourth in our range, where we explore the potential flavour profiles for our future Single Malt, this release focuses on the balance of tastes and flavours that we have in our warehouse. Combining both Pot and Column distilled spirits, and those matured in bourbon and sherry casks, it has an ‘elegant’ and aromatic flavour.

Tasting notes: elegant, fruity and aromatic with notes of salted caramel, creme brulee, toffee apple, honey roasted nuts, orange sherbet and five spice.

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